website hosting

Website Hosting without the fuss, technical jargon or the high price tag.

You won't find complicated lists of technical jargon with our shared hosting plan. We have servers that support all types of websites so you can rest assured your website will work on our platform and be online every day.
We look after all the technical stuff for you but you still have access to a web hosting control panel if you ever need to get your hands dirty.

Okay, so you want more details...

Here's a list of common questions and answers.

Where are your web servers located?

All of our web servers are in Australia, they are based in either the Brisbane or Sydney data center.

Is your help desk Australian?

Yes, our help desk and support staff are based in Australia. They're really friendly too and great at explaining techie stuff if needed.

Will my website be on a server with other websites?

Yes it will. This is how all web hosting companies operate. The difference is that we don't overload each server with too many websites at once. If you want your own server have a look at our dedicated server options.

I don't understand hosting control panels, can you help me?

We do provide an industry standard, easy to use control panel for your hosting. However, if you need something changed, added or updated to your hosting our support staff can make the changes for you at no additonal charge.

Still have questions?

If you still need more information or want to know more technical details, please get in contact and we'll do all we can to help.