Client: Uptime Web Hosting Pty Ltd
Keyword: “website hosting”
Competition: National competitors with historically good SEO Rankings and strong brand names.
Search Region: Australia wide
Result: Position 60 to page 1 in just 3 months.

In the image above the blue line shows the ranking position moving from position 60 to position 9.

SEO Challenges

Uptime is a relatively new company and competing against large companies with a very strong established national presence.

The search term ‘website hosting’ is quite generic and does not include any locality but it is the primary service of the client. The services are offered nationally so city or state locality keywords are not an option at this stage.

Based on Google Trends at the time there is an average of 60 people per day searching for website hosting in Australia.

To get results we needed to get UpTime on to the first page of Google and in front of these new prospective clients.

SEO Work Performed

An initial Website Audit discovered some technical issues with the website which were addressed.

Some slight changes to the content to improve keywords was recommended. This was to help Google categorise the UpTime website correctly and not dilute it’s content with its other services.

We also recommended the client utilise their blog more effectively so they engaged in Boocoo’s blog writing service. Adding useful and engaging content to their website improved the visibility and context.

These blog articles where then back-link boosted from third party blog sites to improve their authority and exposure.

No additional back-links were required apart from the monthly back linking included in the Boocoo SEO Plan. 

In the image above we can see a large increase in pages moving into the top 20 and finally breaking into the top 10.


A noticable increase in sales occured in the middle of July as the website started appearing on the second page of Google. By August the website appeared on page one and sales and enquiries increased further.

These additional sales have more than covered the costs involved in the ongoing SEO services provided by Boocoo.


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