Most companies now adopt the policy that they need a blog. It’s a core component of content marketing.

Yet, many companies struggle with executing a solid blog strategy.

The blog doesn’t get much traffic. The content doesn’t connect. In other words, the company blog doesn’t turn visitors into leads.

So, what goes wrong and why is a lead-generating blog important.

Company Blog Traffic Doesn’t Mean Leads

Many businesses look at traffic as a measure of blog success. Yet, traffic is a vanity metric. A blog with lots of visitors doesn’t mean you’re securing leads.

Yes, some visitors will turn into leads through sheer volume, but that’s a brute force method. It’s like hurling a fistful of pepper at a frying pan and hoping you get some on the meat.

Focus more on useful metrics like time on page and, of course, conversion.

Use the Right Content

Good leads come from delivering the right kind of content. You need content that delivers on the headline. In other words, the content must live up to the promises you make in the headline.

If your headline promises shocking business stats, stats must appear in the article. The stats must shock.

You need content that also speaks to the right customer base. That means you deliver content that is on point for your business and it’s customers. Political content might get more site visitors, but it won’t convert leads if it’s not relevant to potential and current customers.

Get Consistent

No blog thrives unless content comes on a reliable schedule. That means building out a content calendar. You should aim for a calendar that ranges from six months to one year into the future.

Then, make sure that you make someone responsible for creating that content as part of their job. Accountability will shore up that delivery schedule faster than anything else.

Why It Matters?

Why should you care about your blog turning visitors into leads? No matter how far-reaching your marketing campaigns, they’ll never reach everyone. You simply can’t afford to reach every market.

Yet, the Internet hums along 24 hours a day. That means your blog content does the same. It gives you full-time access to potential customers the world over.

When you populate your blog with on-target content, it becomes a perpetual lead generation tool that costs you next to nothing. That drastically reduces your cost of conversion from new visitor into a paying customer.

You also get a far higher quality of lead when your blog stays focused on relevancy. That means more lead-to-customer conversions in the long run.

A good company blog doesn’t deliver content or traffic. Traffic volume has only a telltale relationship with overall leads converted.

A good blog delivers leads. It does this by offering relevant, targeted content that speaks to potential customers. It also achieves this through posting on a reliable schedule.

The importance of this follows in a few areas.

You enjoy a lower cost of conversion. You get better leads. That creates a better lead-to-customer conversion rate.

If your blog doesn’t deliver leads, contact Boocoo today and let’s talk about how we can write targeted, relevant and quality blog articles for your website.