We’ll keep your business Listing Updated

As part of our SEO management service we look after your business listing on Google. This is a great way for new and existing clients to find your information quickly.

Allowing us access to your Google Business profile gives us the ability to ensure its working the best it possibly can for you.

This article will walk you through how to share your account with us so that we can manage it for you.

Step 1: Your Google Account

You’re going to need to log in to your Google Account. Click the following link to open the Google Account page in a new browser window: https://myaccount.google.com/

If you don’t have a Google Account you can create one now on the same page by clicking on Create A Google Account.

Once you have logged in to your Google Account move on to step 2.

Step 2: Accessing Google Business

Now that you’ve logged in to your Google Account click the following link to access Google Business: https://business.google.com/

If you’ve set this up previously you can skip ahead to Step 3. Otherwise follow the prompts and set up your Google Business account. If you need help with this contact your SEO account manager at Boocoo directly.

Step 3: Share Your Account With Boocoo

It’s never safe to share your login information with anyone. The best way to share your account with Boocoo is to add us as a user.  This keeps your account safe, keeps you in control of your digital identity but still gives us the access we need so we can do our job.

On the left hand side of the Google Business page is a menu.  Look for the Users icon and click on it.



A Manage Permissions window will appear.  Click on the Add User icon at the top right.

Capture 1

Type in our gmail email address boocooptyltd@gmail.com and choose the role of Site Manager.

The window should look like the following.  If all is correct click on the INVITE button.

Capture 2

Step 4: We’ll take it from here

You should now see our account listed on your permissions screen. Google will now send us an invite to your account and you’re all done. Once we have logged in to your account Google will send you a notification email.