Search Engine Optimisation

Is your website visible to new clients?

Can you be found online amongst all of your competition?

After investing precious time and money into building a new website you want to ensure that it can be found in search engines like Google or Bing.

This is where SEO or Search Engine Optimisation can give you the edge.


Just having a website does not mean a search engine will show your website in it’s results.

The best way to help a search engine list your website at the top of the search results is to optimise it. An optimised website lets the search engine know what your website is about. This optimisation enables the search engine to prioritise your website over others.

When you first look into SEO you’ll find there are lots of website with tons information and a lot of it is conflicting or out of date. Using a professional SEO service will ensure that the latest trends and information is being applied to ensure your website performs in the search results.


“The number one goal of a search engine is to provide the most relevant result for what the person is searching for.”

At Boocoo, our SEO approach is split into on-site SEO, off-site SEO and competitor analysis:

  • ROn-site SEO ensures that search engines can read and understand what your website is about and the products or services you provide.
  • ROff-site SEO builds your websites reputation with backlinks and improves your authority over competitor websites.
  • RCompetitor Analysis allows us to track your competitors websites and look into how we can improve your website based on what they are already doing.

How healthy is your website right now? Fill in the form below and we’ll send you an SEO audit for free.


SEO is not an immediate solution. It takes time to build a strong SEO profile for your website.  Once SEO starts to work for you, you will see an increase in traffic to your website followed by an increase in enquiries, leading to more sales for your business.  Typically we expect to start to see results within the first three months of our SEO services.  However you should budget for at least six months of SEO at a minimum.


SEO has become a very specialist field and hiring a professional ensures that your website will perform in the rankings on search engines. Bad SEO, or doing the wrong thing, can actually result in search engines ignoring your website. The days of trying to trick search engines are long gone. Google (and Bing) are very clear in what works and what you should and shouldn’t do to improve your websites ranking in their search algorithms. 

SEO is very different from paid advertising.  The results are long term and generate a much higher return on investment.  Boocoo does not do Adwords or any other form of online advertising for clients.






3 month minimum commitment. 6 months recommended for best results. Invoiced monthly.
Cost is per website with one locality region. Additional regions, extra keywords or sub domains will incur additional fees.

At Boocoo we have a very simple monthly fee which covers the basics of SEO for your website. This base level service includes all of the reporting and advice needed to improve your SEO. There’s no hidden fees, just optional add-ons that you can choose to use as required.

The following services are included as standard in your monthly plan.

Monthly Ranking Reports

A monthly report on where your website appears in the search results on Google. Includes movement tracking so we can see which search keywords are moving up or down. We also include your competitors rankings as a comparison.
(maximum 30 keywords and 3 competitors)

Web Page Optimisation

A monthly report on ideas and tasks you can do to improve the SEO across your website based on your keywords.

Traffic and Content Analysis

A monthly report on how much traffic your website is getting and what people are looking at.


Weekly Website Audit

A complete health audit of your website. Includes errors, warnings and recommendations on how to improve the health of your website content and structure.
(Up to 100 pages per week. Does not include web development work. )

Monthly Backlink Report

A full report on who is linking to your website and if those links are good or bad for your online reputation. 


Monthly Backlink Building

Three original content blog articles posted on external websites with backlinks to your website.

Optional Add Ons

On top of the monthly services we also offer the following services. These services are only available to clients who are on an active SEO plan.  We may recommend these to you as part of our monthly service but they are completely optional.

Upgrade Backlink Building

Upgrade your monthly backlink building service from three original content articles to 16 articles each month.  An upgrade from 6 backlinks to a total of 32. 
(stand alone fee, not part of your monthly upgrade: $399)

Guest Blog Post

We outreach to high quality web sites with a minimum of 1000 visits per month. We then arrange for a guest blog article to be written on their web site with in content links back to yours. Leverage the traffic and authority of blogs in your industry to improve the exposure of your own website.

SEO Optimised Page Content
from $299

Our team of expert SEO writers can write content for your website.  The content is original, highly optimised and written around your brand while being engaging and designed for a great call to action.  Perfect for service pages or landing page content.
(price based on 500 words)

Blog Writing
from $80

Keep your blog up to date by using our team of professional blog writers. Our writers will research trending topics and then write engaging, relevant and professional content for your blog. Click here for more info.

Page/Blog Boost

Improve the backlink value of one of your web pages or blog articles.  We’ll post backlinks on up to 50 websites linking back to your web page or blog.


SEO Case Study

If you’d like to see the results of our SEO work in action have a read of our SEO case studies for clients.  You’ll read how we’ve improved the visibility of our clients websites and in turn making their website work for them by increasing sales.


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