In 2008, there were around 155 million websites. Ten years later, that number had grown to 1.5 billion websites. 

Search engines, such as Google, index and update these websites. They also list them on search pages based on relevance. 

Increasing your relevance to web searches in your industry is known as SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Understanding SEO is critical in understanding how to get your website noticed.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization is all about making your website more visible. 

This is accomplished through the use of various tools and strategies. SEO is a cornerstone of online marketing. Optimizing your website will place you higher on searches in your industry. 

This is mostly done by increasing your domain authority. Domain authority is a measure of how relevant, good and trafficked your site is. The higher your domain authority the more important your website is to people searching for information. 

Search engines keep track of this information by “crawling” your site. A bot will analyze your website and index it. The more often this happens the better. 

How to Get Your Website Noticed

Having a webpage that fast is vital. Search engines will not waste time indexing a site that times out. People searching the internet will not wait around for your website to load. 

Quality content is central to being noticed. The higher the quality and relevance of your content the more traffic you will get. By increasing traffic, you increase how often your website is updated in the search engine. 

New content is perhaps the easiest way to increase your SEO. Search engines will not update websites as fast if they have no new content. Adding new content often to your website in the form of blogs and information can improve your SEO. 

It Is All About How People Search

Google is the most popular search engine online. People search in different ways depending on what platform they use. 

Desktop, mobile and voice searches can all be optimised. The way users search for websites on a desktop is not the same as they do on a smartphone. 

You Can Do a Lot Yourself

If you have the time and willingness to delve into the subject, you can do a lot of SEO yourself. However, there is an entire industry built around helping websites increase their SEO. 

Having a professional who specialises in web marketing and SEO can make a huge difference. It is the quickest and easiest way to drive higher traffic to your site. 

Use Experienced Web Marketing

Web marketing is of vital importance to new websites. 

Your business will benefit greatly from having professional help in this area. You can dramatically increase the relevance of your website. This will drive new users to visit your site and build your customer base. 

It is the goal of every website to get noticed. How to get your website noticed is a topic that constantly grows in complexity. Waiting to use SEO will only hurt your business. With new websites and businesses constantly appearing stay ahead of the curve. 

If you need help deploying an effective SEO strategy, contact us to find out how we can make your website an online success.