Brisbane Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing

Having an awesome website is only part of the formula. People need to find you online and with Boocoo as your marketing agency your website will be a success.

So How Do We Market Your Business?

We have a range of tools and services that we recommend based on your business process, what you do, your target market, your budget and your goals.

We work at a pace that suits you and give you advice that is not only easy to understand but is also proven to get you results.

Not everything will work for you, that’s why we create a custom strategy for each client. 
Just some of the ways we can help your business are:

competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis

You may know who your competition is but we can tell you more about them than you thought possible. 
Would you like to know what ads they are currently using online, how much they are paying, what search keywords they are focusing on, their social media impact and how they compare to you and your other competitors online?

This “insider” information lets us create a strategic plan to improve your exposure over your competition and compete against them effectively.

website health audit

Website Health and Performance

Is your website working for you or against you? Is it easy for people to find it online and when they do, is it easy for them to do business with you?

It’s not about creating a new website but making the one you have actually do its job effectively. We work with your web developer, letting them know why the changes are needed and how the changes will improve your business.

website search engine rankings

Search Engine Optimisation

If not done correctly SEO can actually do more damage than good. We know what works, what doesn’t and how to actually improve your search engine rankings quickly and cost effectively.

We use on-site optimisation combined with high quality, pro-active, link building techniques and removal of toxic domains.

Find out how you rank against your competitors and how you can rank not only above them but on the first page.

Social media

Social Media Exposure

Is social media right for you and are you using it to get the best results? A lot of businesses are actually losing sales because of social media, are you one of them?

We build your audience, increase activity, improve your engagement, monitor your competitors social media impact and drive clients to your business, not away from it.

advertising keywords

Advertising and Keywords

Improve or start your online advertising with the right keywords and targeted ad content.

Find out what your competitors are paying, use historical cost per click data for better cost management and track clicks to conversions so you know which ads are making you money and which ones are costing you money.