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Cheap website hosting costs you business

Cheap website hosting costs you business

Is that cheap website hosting plan really saving you money? If your business relies on your website to gain new customers or to keep current customers happy then you really need a reliable website hosting provider.

Too many times have we seen business discover that their website is offline or loading slowly because they are hosting on cheap, overseas web servers that are overloaded with hundreds of other websites.  You get what you pay for.

Ideally if your business running costs allow it you should invest in hosting your website on it’s own server. It’s hard to justify the cost when you go from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars a month. The long term benefits however to you, your business and your clients is definitely worth it.

Is cheap website hosting really that bad?

The main issue with cheap hosting is that your website lives on the same web server as many other websites.  So how do you find out how many other websites are on the same server as yours? Try this for an exercise:

  1. Open up this free online tool in your web browser: https://viewdns.info/reverseip/
  2. Type in your domain name and click on the Go button
  3. You will get a list of every other website that is hosted on the same server as yours
  4. If you’re paying for cheap hosting the number of other websites could be in the hundreds

Is this really a bad thing? It depends upon the quality of the server and the resources it has. If a lot of people are looking at lots of websites on the same server than it will affect the performance of how quickly your website will load.

One of our clients used to host their online store website in a shared hosting environment with one of the better, well-known hosting providers here in Australia. She never really had a problem until she was lucky enough to be profiled on TV on a current affairs show. Her website received so much traffic in that five minute window the web server just couldn’t handle the load. Her website was offline for the next hour as people kept trying to get on to buy her products.

It didn’t just take her website offline though, it also stopped all of the other websites on the same server from loading too. To make it even worse, because it was after hours the web host support wasn’t able to respond in a timely manner and she was just left wondering what was going on.

Needless to say she wasn’t very happy and she lost a lot of potential online sales.

Is hosting my website overseas really a bad thing?

So just how fast or slow is your website? The way your website is built is a major contributing factor but also it’s location of where it is hosted is too.

Like the exercise above try putting your domain name into this online tool: https://tools.pingdom.com/.  Try Melbourne as a location for the first test and then repeat the same test for one of the other locations. You’ll see a major difference. Distance between the server and the person viewing it can really slow down how quickly a website loads.

Websites hosted in another country can sometimes take almost twice as long to load as the same site hosted here in Australia.

What’s the solution to cheap website hosting?

Ideally investing in your own web hosting server will give you many benefits but the price is a big jump from the few dollars you are paying now. So if you have to stick with a shared hosting provider choose one that  doesn’t overload their servers with too many other websites and also one where the web servers are actually located here in Australia.

If you have any concerns about where or how your website is hosted or if you want help in increasing the performance of your website get in contact with us and we will let you know how we help or click through to more information on Boocoo website hosting.