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Back-links and Referrals

Back-links and Referrals

A back-link or referral is a link to your website.  With Search Engine Optimisation, back-links can have a massive impact on how well your website ranks in the search results.  Some SEO agencies will try to get you as many back-links as possible but some of these could actually be doing your website more harm than good.

If you have a head-ache and you ask a doctor and a mechanic what the best cure is, who would you say has the best advice?  Website links work the same way, if you sell flowers but have a link from a coffee shop, that link has no real value.  If you have a link from a home decor or say a wedding planner website then these have more relevance. Search Engines look for relevance in the back-links, not just the quantity of them that you have.

Getting relevant websites to link to your website can be a real challenge and most website owners don’t even know where to start. Boocoo has access to thousands of websites across different industries to organically build up back-links to your website.  Each link has a high relevance to your content and comes from a website that search engines consider an authority on the subject.

By using the back-link service from Boocoo we increase your website ranking far beyond what can be done with just normal SEO techniques. If you’re already advertising online, re-allocating some of those funds into building quality back-links to your website will give you long term exposure in the organic search results.