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What’s a Progressive Web App?

What’s a Progressive Web App?

A Progressive Web App or PWA is the new way to build apps for multiple devices. Traditional app development for smart phones, tablets and desktops are fraught with complications of different programming languages, screen sizes, device features and functionality.  In most cases the same app has to be developed separately for each platform to give the best user experience.

Google, with Microsoft backing up the idea, has put together a new development concept called Progressive Web Apps. Essentially it uses existing website technology combined with what’s called a service worker to allow the web app to access functionality of the device.  Using website technology instead of manufacturer specific programming languages, Progressive Web Apps are fast, resize to different device sizes and can use many of the same features as a traditional native device app.

The benefits of a PWA goes further with a single code base for all devices, the same interface for all devices and no need to install updates on the device. Everything works on the server so the control of the app and it’s data is centralised. Development costs decrease significantly and so does the support and documentation costs.  It’s much easier to support and continue to develop one app than it is for multiple versions of the same app for different devices.

Developing an app that works across all devices should give the user the same data, functionality and experience, regardless of screen size or platform.  Progressive Web Apps makes this a reality.

You can read more about Progressive Web Apps on the the Google Developers site or contact us to discuss how Boocoo can develop your next app as a Progressive Web App.