Get creative and build your own webpage

$299 gets you everything you need for the next two years!

A domain name

You're going to need a domain name so customers can find you. We'll register your web address for you.


Ditch the free email address and get a professional, business email address. Access your email from your computer, tablet and phone. Email Hosting is included for the next two years.

Build Your Website

Choose from over 200 templates and build your site with point and click ease. Add as many pages and sections as you like. Unleash your creativity.

Need help building your website?

All hosting support is free but we can also quote on providing help with your site building.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Not happy with the result? We'll fix it or refund your money*
*you can keep your domain name for a small fee.

Search engine registration

We'll register your new web site with the popular search engines so new customers can find you.

Over 200 templates
Select a template that suits your business as the starting point for building your website.

Create as many pages as you need
The builder looks after all of your menus, just create the pages and re-organise them as needed.

Add Sections for fast building
Select from the gallery of sections and add them to your page to quickly build up your content.

Complete control over site design
Re-arrange elements, change the colours and look and feel of the site.

Search Engine Optimisition (SEO)
SEO is built right in so you can easily set up your site so that it's ready for search engines.

Contact Us and other forms
Use the built in Form Builder to create any type of web form you need.

Google Maps
Add Maps quickly and easily to any web page.

Sell Online Using PayPal
Link your PayPal account and start selling online.

Looks Pretty Good Doesn't It?

BUT before you buy we want to be upfront with what you are ordering.

Your domain name, website hosting, web builder software and emails are all included. However it does NOT include help with actually putting your website together.

The web builder software is easy to use and if you're okay with using a word processor you should be fine. If you find using computers a bit of challenge though then this may not be for you. Why not check out our single page website package instead? It's cheaper and we do all the work for you!

Still interested?

Excellent! Okay, so before you order, let's look at some things you are going to need. It's always good to plan before you start.

A Site Map
It's a really good idea to write out the pages you want on your website first. Apart from your home page you'll probably want an About Us page as well as one more pages for your products and/or services.

We do provide some stock images you can use to build your website but it's a really good idea to have your own photos. You can upload them as needed or purchase more images from online stock web sites.

Allow at a minimum 10 hours to get your site starting to look like the way you want it. Even though the website builder software is easy to use you are still going to need to invest time in getting used to how it works. You're also going to be making lots of changes as you go along. Before you know it though you'll be an expert and building pages in no time at all.

Still have some questions?

That's okay, here are some common questions and answers we get asked

Is there any limit to the number of pages I can have?

No, you can create as many pages as you like.

Will my website work on mobiles and tablets?

Absolutely, all of the templates are mobile optimised and will work on any sized device.

Will my site be Search Engine Optimised?

Yes it will, You will need to put in page titles and keywords as you build your pages and Google will love your site.

Do you support multi-language?

Yes we do, you can build your website in any of 29 supported languages

Do I need to be able to write code?

Definitely not. The builder tools are easy to use and do all the hard work for you.

Is a Contact Form included?

Yes it is. In fact you can create lots of different types of forms for your website using the built in Form Builder

Is social media supported?

It sure is, you can connect your site to your social media accounts and there's also built in Facebook integration

Will you help me build my site?

Help with building your website is not included in the price but if you get really stuck we can work out a fee to help you do what you need.

What are the terms and conditions?

You'll find a link to our full T&Cs below in the footer.

What is your privacy policy?

You'll find a link to our full Privacy Policy below in the footer.

Still have questions?

If you still need more information, get in contact with us and we'll do all we can to help.