Your website needs better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase visitor traffic. One way to have better SEO is by using anchor text.

What is anchor text and why should you be using it? Anchor text is a phrase or line of words that is hyperlinked to another web page inside or outside of your website. 

But how do you use anchor text properly? What are some anchor text SEO best practices to use for your website? Here are 6 best practices for using anchor text on your website:

1. Anchor Text Should Look Natural

The hyperlinked words should visually make sense within the sentence structure. Anchor text should not be a standalone sentence or paragraph.

Anchor text also should not use a different style than the neighbouring typography style. The style should not distract the reader.

The colour should also not be changed from the default blue look. This allows visitors to see that the words are clickable without needing to hover over them.

2. Do Not Overcrowd

This is a common mistake for new websites is an overcrowded design. Too many links in one paragraph create overcrowding and look intimidating. Anchors are important links for further research but are not endnote substitutes.

3. Keywords Are Your Friend but Beware

Using keywords on your website is a must, but overusing them could actually harm your web traffic. Search engines might view the overuse as spam.

Using keywords as your hyperlinked text is not a good idea. This creates the appearance of spam by inflating the traffic to the linked page. Anchor text should be descriptive, succinct, and relevant to the web page it is linked to.

4. Use External and Internal Hyperlinks

Having anchor text that’s linked to other parts of your website allows more visibility for your content. But this should not be the only type of link used. 

You should try to hyperlink to external sites that add value to your content without competing against your site or services. Read what these other web pages say before linking to them.

5. Do Not Hyperlink Headers

While using keywords in headers is a great idea, using anchor texts in headers is a bad idea. Hyperlinked headers are distracting and could prevent your reader from finishing your paragraph.

Using anchor texts in your introductions or conclusions could have a similar effect.

6. Make Your Anchor Text Credible

Your website needs to be using anchor text SEO best practices to help drive traffic to it. Good use of anchor text helps your site get more exposure on search engines like Google.

Avoid linking to any websites with questionable or spammy content. This is especially true for new sites where you need to establish your credibility.

Anchor Your Anchor Text

You are now ready to use the above six best practices to anchor your anchor text.

Review your website. See what words might stand out as anchor text. Hyperlink them to credible content that would enhance your site’s value.

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