Link Building is the safe way to increase your search engine ranking

Our link building solutions builds links using the same structure that happens when something goes viral online. This is what search engines want, quality content that attracts links.

How Does Link Building Work?

The first thing we give your site is Link Authority. We write unique, original articles on your subject matter and post them to websites with relevant content that link to your site. Next we make these articles go viral by creating a link structure through three levels: blogs, social bookmarks and third party links.

Once that is in place we then start building your Link Volume. We slow-drip links to high page rank sites over a period of 3 to 4 weeks. This creates a steady velocity to your website giving you a natural flow of inbound links over a long period of time.

Link Building requires attention to detail and knowing what does and doesn't work.

We make sure you get keyword diversity and also ensure your inbound links have a natural anchor profile. We use Co-Citations as links to other, non-competing high authority sources. This increases the natural style of links and gives your site even more relevance in your subject matter.

How do you get started?

Every website is different and we suggest a consultation before getting started. Feel free to contact us to arrange a time to talk through the options so we can build a strategy that works for you.

Our entry level link-building strategy starts at $120 inc GST. No lock in contracts and no recuring costs.

Will this affect my SEO?

Link Building is done completely external to your website. We do recommend that your website is already search engine optimised to get the best results. We can work with your current SEO provider or add on our own search engine optimisation service if required.

Tell me more..

Feel free to call us on 07 3667 8844 during business hours or Contact Us to arrange for a consultation either in person or over the phone.

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