Would you believe that WordPress powers over 39% of the internet? This is an increase from 2019 when it was 35%, and it accounts for over 455 million websites. This is because, even though WordPress started as a blogging platform, it has adapted through the years to become one of the best platforms to create fully functional websites.

The next best thing about it is that it’s open-source software, which makes it free. It offers unlimited validity, and even more than that, it’s redistributable and hands-down the best CMS or content management system for your website.

The question is, what makes it the best CMS? In this post, we’ll share with you the most compelling reasons why WordPress is the best CMS on the market.

1. It’s Easily Customisable, Even for Non-Developers

One of the most significant reasons why WordPress is the best CMS is the fact that it’s incredibly easy to customise. The sheer number of people who choose the platform is proof enough that it’s one of the most customisable platforms on the internet. It features options that are easy to understand, a simple user face, and tons of functionalities on the dashboard.

If you have zero coding knowledge, then you’ll be glad to know that WordPress is power-packed with plug-ins, themes, and tools that will help you create not just a beautiful, but a dynamic website. Even better, managing the site gets a whole lot easier once it goes live, and you’ll get constant updates that will be super easy to install.

2. Plenty of Powerful Plug-ins and Themes

WordPress features a wide array of pre-built themes and plug-ins. The designers and developers come up with new ones almost every day, and the best part is that you can find a plug-in for almost anything you need. Having such a wide variety will help you increase the SEO optimisation and functionality of your website.

It not only makes your website dynamic but user-friendly as well, regardless of whether they’re using smartphones, desktops, tablets, or other devices.

The hundreds of themes available will help you create a visually striking and unique website for both search engines and users. Plus, most of these themes are multi-purpose. This means they come with customisation features that will help you build the website that will serve your purpose, whether it’s a blog, a business, or an eCommerce website.

Now, it does include both free and premium features. By premium, we mean paid WordPress plug-ins and themes. These tools offer increased compatibility, better security, full-time customer services, and the latest WordPress version. They also come with more features, and even if the free versions are still incredible, it’s better to know you have another option.

3. It’s Responsive

One of the best things about WordPress — and one thing that makes it the best content management system — is that it’s responsive and arguably one of the best CMS for mobile devices. This means that you don’t have to worry about your website being mobile-friendly. Given the shift in mobile-first indexing by Google, responsiveness is a quality you can’t afford to overlook.

More and more people are using their mobile devices to search for information online. WordPress is backed with mobile-optimised features that will help you start a great website right off the bat.

4. It Offers Optimum Security

Despite the millions of websites that WordPress supports, it still maintains a high level of security. This isn’t to say that hackers don’t find loopholes to infiltrate the sites. Hackers always find a way, and cybersecurity has become a billion-dollar industry, especially with advanced technology.

However, compared to other content management systems, WordPress does a pretty great job. It releases regular security updates to offer protection from vulnerabilities, which makes it one of the best CMS platforms available. You will also have the capability to reduce any security breaches by using the themes and plug-ins provided by WordPress since they will already be secure.

5. Easy Integration With Other Tools

When you create a website, you have a defining goal. It could be a business website, an eCommerce website, or a blog, and you will have different objectives, too. It could be that you want to generate leads, share, and showcase your unique talents or work, or offer information about an industry you specialise in.

Regardless of the goal, due to marketing needs, there is a chance you’re integrating your website with other apps, software, and platforms to achieve your goal. These could be email marketing tools, social media tools, and other analytical applications. WordPress has integration for most of these tools, and the connections are made very simple for everyone.

6. It’s Incredible for SEO

If you’re looking for an SEO-friendly CMS, then WordPress is the go-to place. WordPress is user-friendly, and when visitors stay on your website longer, it’ll decrease your bounce rate. WordPress will also allow you to create amazing permalinks, make metadata easy for you to manage, and make optimising images super easy.

Even better, you don’t have to worry about slow loading speeds on this platform. This is crucial because it’s a ranking factor. Beyond that, integrating your marketing campaigns with social media is easy since you’ll get excellent SEO plug-ins. Some of these include Google Analytics, Google XML sitemaps, and Yoast SEO.

7. The WordPress Community Is Huge

No other CMS can rival the community that WordPress boasts, and it’s still growing by the year. The platform is also getting better and better with new UI updates, improved dashboard functionalities, as well as new SEO features. This makes WordPress the best CMS in 2020.

What Makes WordPress the Best CMS Platform?

There you have it! These are some of the best reasons why WordPress is one of the best CMS platforms you can choose. With easy customisation, tons of themes and plug-ins, a large community, and SEO capabilities, what more could you ask for?

Now that you know WordPress is the best platform, you’re going to need some incredible tips, guides, and SEO information on how to use it. Please check out our blog for more hints, tips and information on using WordPress. Also, feel free to contact us if you have any questions you may have about using WordPress for your next website.