You have an aesthetically pleasing website, but you aren’t getting any sales. What’s the problem? It could be your web design. 

It takes 50 milliseconds for visitors to make a first impression, and if there are flaws in your web design, you could be losing potential customers. Keep reading to learn about 5 website design mistakes every business must avoid.

1. Overcrowded Design

Nothing turns off website visitors more than an overcrowded website. If your website is too busy, your visitors will become confused and exit the site.

This especially the case if your website is packed with different colour palettes, fonts, and typefaces that don’t mesh well together.

Not only is an overcrowded design an eyesore but it causes your website to load extremely slow. This is another thing that forces your visitors to a competitor’s site. 

To avoid this mistake, it’s crucial to identify your brand’s core values and what you want your website to communicate.

2. A Weak Call to Action

One of the most overlooked aspects of website design is a CTA (call to action). This is essential for your website because it encourages your visitors to take action. Some examples of CTA’s include: ‘Click here’, ‘Learn more’, or ‘Shop now’.

When choosing a call to action, it must be simple. There should be enough information on the page that visitors understand the benefit of taking the action. Communicating value is important for having an effective CTA.

3. Low-Quality Images

Imagery can make or break a website design. No one wants to look blurry or pixelated images. Poor quality photos give the impression that your website and your brand are unprofessional. 

Irrelevant images confuse your visitors and will make them wonder what message you’re trying to communicate. Choose images that are high quality and that helps to enhance your brand’s message. 

4. Poor Navigation

Another thing that can run visitors away is poor navigability. Having a menu that is difficult to find or a website that is full of broken links is confusing and will force potential customers to leave your site. Make sure your website is streamlined and easy to understand. 

5. Not Mobile Friendly

Most people view websites from a mobile device. In fact, mobile devices account for about 48 percent of website views. Therefore, your website must be functional for both desktop and mobile.

A responsive website design looks clean on smaller screens. Websites that aren’t responsive are difficult to navigate and may cost you potential customers. 

Not only will a responsive website boost your chances of making conversions but it’s also cost-effective and increases your rank on search engines.

Want to Avoid These Website Design Mistakes? Hire a Professional

These website design mistakes are detrimental to your business. The good news is that you can avoid them by hiring a professional web designer.

We create eye-catching and functional websites that get you more conversions. Ready to take your web design to the next level? Contact us now for a free consultation.