So you’re thinking about starting a blog?

You’ve probably thought about what you want to do, so we’ll cover what not to do.

Maybe you’ve got world travel experience to share. Maybe you’re a brand or company looking to expand your reach.

Either way, you need to begin blogging.

For beginners, blogging tips online are confusing. Don’t be like other amateur blogs out there.

Here are 13 basic mistakes you need to avoid when starting a blog.

1. No Target Audience? 

You have to know who you’re writing for. Otherwise, your blog is doomed from the start. 

Don’t fall into this hole. Make a clear decision about your target audience, and stick to it when writing. 

2. Topics are Too Broad

This could be the number of topics you’re covering. This could also mean your blog posts aren’t specific enough. 

How can you keep your audience engaged? Know the specific niche you’re writing for. 

3. Your Writing Has No Personality

Writing without your personal touch to it won’t keep a reader engaged.

A good way to avoid this mistake is to write how you would talk.

Worry less about “formal” and “informal” writing. Focus on what parts of your writing voice is most appealing. 

4. Don’t Forget an Email List

An email list is essential from day one.

Without an email list, how do you expect people to stay up-to-date on your new content? Using one ensures they’re kept in the loop.

Without one, you can say goodbye to building a loyal reader base. 

5. Avoid Stream-of-Consciousness

It’s a romantic notion to think you can sit down and plop out a beautiful blog post. 

Realistically, writing in stream-of-consciousness won’t hold any logic to it. 

To avoid losing readers, make a post outline. Organisation is key. 

6. Without a Schedule…

Without a regular writing schedule, it’s impossible to reach your writing goals. You’ll write, but you probably won’t meet your goals. 

Set a schedule every day, making a clear goal of word count. Then follow it. 

7. Ignoring SEO is a No-No

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the quickest way to make sure your blog gets discovered.

Without it, your blog will never reach its full potential. 

Look for relevant keywords to use. If you’re feeling lost, check out how to write great SEO blog posts

9. It’s Not About You

It really isn’t.

That’s why you still have to cater to your target audience. If you indulge yourself, you alienate your readership. Think about them first. 

10. Copywrite, Don’t Copy

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Following the AIDA model might help you avoid common copywriting errors. 

It’s not about copying the form: you need to add your own style to it as well. 

11. Please Cite Your Data

You can’t state a fact or piece of information without telling your readers where it’s from.

Not only that, but stick with credible sources. 

Your readers will thank you. You’ll also thank yourself. 

12. You Don’t Write Consistently

One blog post from a year ago won’t help you expand your reach. Really. 

Write multiple blog posts per day. More content means more potential views. 

13. There’s No Take-Away

The “take-away” is essential.

What do you want the reader to leave with after they finish reading your blog? Is it an idea or a product they should invest in?

Make it specific. 

Starting a Blog isn’t Easy

That’s why we’re here! Check out our blog for more posts on starting a blog.

Stay confident, and push forward. You got this!

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